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Our Mission

Provide a consolidated set of services for the Pin Community for both Pinners and Creators

Searchable Database of Pins, Drops, Creator Pages that showcase art, and Social Groups specific to the pinning community 

Continue building our database and add unique features for both Pinners and Creators to foster value for the community


The Drops Page - which provides users with notifications 10-15min. before drops happen is the most popular page of the site.

Feature Highlight: Drop Notifications

Our most popular segment of the site, Drops has over 18,000 unique page visits last month.

The page hosts views of upcoming drops, and individual drop pages that showcase the art, the drop info, and 2 buttons to give users drop notifications 10/15min. before drop time.

There's no secret as to why this page is the most popular - people want a single source of truth to both find upcoming drop info and to also discover new art and creators.

Through this feature, fans get the ability to get notifications to remind them before a drop, and creators get the capability to give their fans the reminder capability by sharing drop pages.

"ISO Pinfo is a great asset to my pinning experience as a producer and collector, plus ducky is the shit."

- Amanda, Lunarity Collective


The Social Media Problem

For years, small businesses have faced an uphill battle with social media sites.

The organic reach that creators have on various platforms has been declining for years, so it's now harder than ever to get information from the business to the consumer.

In some cases, platforms have even dropped entire pages or groups, which is obviously incredibly destructive to a creator or business.

Part of our mission is to solve for these pain points by giving creators and their fans a direct, purposeful connection.

"Recent reports from online marketing companies show that for 2020, organic reach averaged around 5.2% - meaning just about 1 in 20 fans see the content posted by a particular group."

Upcoming Features

What's on the way for ISO Pinfo

  • "Like" Pins - DONE :)

  • Add Pins to Tradeboard/ISO - DONE :)

  • Mobile App with Push Notifications for Drops (Fans subscribe to Creators)

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