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Symbiotic Expressions

Symbiotic Expressions is an art collective and community. We bring a variety of artwork from around the globe to you in a multitude of different merchandise, most specifically hat pins. We bring amazing artwork to the community in a mutual symbiotic fashion with the artist and the community.

Apr 1, 2022
Well of Weirdness
Mar 25, 2022
Cosmic Soak

Only send payments via g/s. We are not responsible if you pay with F/F and get burned.

Auctions are allowed. But make sure you do the following
- State end time
- State starting price (no reserves, if you want a reserve, set that as your starting price)
- Clarify end type (timestamp/no snipe rule, etc)
- State full condition of pin
- Timestamped photo

Gift Variants - gift variants are not allowed to be sold in the group. Only traded or regifted. We prefer they aren’t sold at all, but they are your property to do as you please.

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