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Prism Art Collective

PAC is a new collective created by Kagan Stamps that strives to share awesome art while taking care of the artist and the collectors! PAC is currently producing work by Daniël Hugo and John Ramsey.

Mar 23, 2023
Jan 7, 2023

1. Above all else, be cool to each other.

2. You may not buy or sell any pin above drop price plus ships plus ships until Day 30.

3. I’m a big believer in “Do Yo Thang.” As long as you’re not obviously taking advantage of anyone or the gift, you may do what you wish with it!

4. No trading until IN HAND. Period. It's just asking for trouble. That means no ISO posts 2 hours after the drop, etc. This includes offering to trade for blind bags.

5. All for sale posts must have a FINAL price listed including shipping and fees, meaning no “add for fees” or anything like that on for sale posts.

6. Auctions or waffles are not allowed in PAC except with express permission from Kagan.

7. There is no official rule enforcing timestamps when posting for trades, but be smart and get one before doing business! This rule could change in the future.

8. No backing out of trades/sales/purchases past a certain point. If money has been sent/addresses exchanged, that would be considered the point of no return. Repeat offenders may face removal from the group.

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