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Pinspired Productions

Pinspired Productions is a production company created to really give the collectors and fans a little extra say in what is being made. The company / group is ran by a relatively small group of individuals with different expertise. Pinspired Productions is doing as much as possible to seek out and work with some of your favorite artists and some really cool underground and up and coming artists. We are trying to incorporate coloring contests, design your own variant giveaways, games, polls to decide which style variants or art you would like to see made. Its all about you guys and the relationships you build a long the ways. The world of pinning can be exciting, invigorating, heartbreaking, and memorable. Pinspired Productions is so ecstatic to be a part of the ride.

Feb 12, 2022
Artificial Coexistence Leftovers
Sep 15, 2021
My Shiny Metal

1. Be kind to all members of the group. If there is an issue let it be know to an admin so it can be resolved before words are said that cant be taken back. Things tend to escalate quickly and I'd like the Pinspired Productions group to be one that is fair and welcoming.

2. If you must sell try to keep the price how you truly value the pin. You guys control the market. No 30 day rule here.

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