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Optical Apothecary

The Optical Apothecary is an art production company whose goal is helping artists to produce and share their work, all while fostering a community full of positive people.

Jul 14, 2022
Pleasant Pear
Mar 11, 2022

1. Be Cool- Keep conversation polite, be kind, and no call outs allowed. No custying. Positive vibes go a long way. Be the person your mom hopes you are. If you have any issues with another member bring it to mod's attention.
2. No Flips Before 30 Days- All sales before 30 days after drop must be sold for drop price + shipping. It discourages flipping for profit and keeps rule 1 steady. Trades are allowed and encouraged.
3. Keep it Public- No silent auctions, taking offers in DM, etc. If you make a post to buy, sell, or trade something be transparent about the transaction.
4. OA Sales Only- Please keep sales posts involving art we've produced. Trading for other work is allowed as long as one of the pieces being traded was produced by the Optical Apothecary.
5. Auctions Allowed with Mod Approval- PM mods if you want to hold an auction. We'll go over the finer details and then it'll be approved.
6. No Waffles- We'll give you directions to a Waffle House if need be
7. No Reporting Posts- If someone else is breaking rules come talk to a mod, and we can delete it. Reporting leads to pages getting shut down and we would like to avoid that. First offense is a warning, second time you get temporarily banned.
8. Timestamps are Required- Any sales or trade posts must have a dated timestamp. Posts need a timestamp within 24 hours of being posted or else they will be removed
9. Enjoy Yourself- First and foremost this is a space for a community to grow and thrive. Conversation is encouraged, so is the sharing of memes, dank food, and music suggestions. Meet new people, discover new art, and have a great time. Party on Garth.

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