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My Art Shipper

Providing next day fulfilling and shipping services for artists to their customers across the globe.

Let us take away all the hassle with ordering new products, funding, packing, shipping and dealing with customer support. The simple way to provide your customers with more and more art.

Oct 24, 2022
Anura Sacrum
Sep 11, 2022
Everything Is Fine

#1 Be kind to everybody in the group. If you have an issue don't comment and move on or block the person.
#2 All drops fall under the artist's personal group rules. If no rules are in place, then drops plus ships only for the first 30 days after the drop.
#3 You are able to buy/sell/trade all items we have helped produced or shipped for the artists we work with. You can trade any pin for ones we have helped produce.
#4 Drop tokens are not allowed to be traded, gifted or sold. You can trade, gift or sell whatever you get from redeeming your drop token.
#5 All f/s posts need to have an expected time to ship out in the item description. Hand written timestamp picture should be sent to buyer before transferring any money.
#6 No auctions or waffles allowed.
#7 NO ISO posts or looking at trades untill item is in hand.

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