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Mountain Empire Productions

We are an art production company based out of East TN that work with artists to turn their designs into tangible products that can be sold either on our web store or at conventions and festivals. We pride ourselves on quality and the fact that our artists get paid 50% of all profits made from their products sold 🤘 We work with insanely talented and unique individuals who have spent most of their lives honing their craft and it shows in the immaculate work they produce.

Jul 2, 2022
Titian Mudjaw
Apr 14, 2022

1. Be respectful to fellow group members. We want to keep this a fun and friendly environment for everyone who loves to collect the art that we produce 🤘
2. We will follow the 30 day rule in here. No pins are to be sold for more than drops+ships+ships for the first 30 days. Also no selling items for below drop price if they are still in the shop 👌
3. Please keep all posts Mountain Empire related. You can post pins and art from other groups if you are trying to trade for Mountain Empire products. You are also allowed to post trades of miscellaneous items for Mountain Empire merch such as other forms of art, video games, etc. just keep it Mountain Empire related 👌
4. Be nice to the admins, I have handpicked all of them for different reasons and they are here to make this group run smoothly and efficiently 🤘 if they gently correct something you have done wrong don’t lash out. They are all really nice people and mean well I promise.
5. A timestamp is required for all third party sales. If you sell something to someone you are expected to ship in 4-7 days, 14 days max.
6. I understand that missing a drop can be frustrating but please refrain from Salt posts. These can clog up people’s feed and just spread all around negativity. If posts from this group make it into people’s feed I want it to be positive and not negative. We have a rep to maintain 🤘 on the upside we are like the small underground indie film studio that makes quality products; but no one has heard of so missing a drop shouldn’t be an issue for the time being, that is
7. Have fun and stay Empire y’all ⛰🏰⚔️

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