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Lloyd Taylor Art Collective

We are a company specializing in art production and promotion. We look forward to bringing you quality content from artists all around the world.

Aug 10, 2022
Harvest Bot
Apr 7, 2022
Skitter Bot (singles)

Be nice and respectful to all members, admins, and artists a-like. Failure to do so will NOT be tolerated and WILL result in an immediate ban.
No selling, buying, or making offers for more than drop price + shipping cost until 30 days after the official release/pre-sale date of limited edition productions. We will also allow D+S+S.
No silent auctions. If you have something for sale you must list a price in the description of your post or it will be deleted.
NO ISO (in search of) posts until all merchandise is in-hand.
ONLY "Lloyd Taylor art collective" items are allowed to be sold in this group. Please follow this rule! Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted.
DO NOT make trade posts or offers in the comment section until your merchandise is in-hand.
NO AUCTIONS are allowed without admin approval.
NO "WAFFLES" are allowed in this group.
1 pin per person per drop. If you have a drop buddy, *you* cannot go for the drop yourself.
(Other merchandise drops will be properly listed with information prior to release date.)
When posting an item for sale (as a post or comment), clearly state the TOTAL amount you want the buyer to pay as Goods and Services. This singular price should cover shipping costs and fees you expect the buyer to pay. (NO "add 3% for GnS" or unadvertised shipping prices. If you make a "dibs" post for a certain price, that is the price the buyer is expected to pay; additional charges to the buyer are NOT applicable.)

No public call out posts. Please contact an admin/moderator if you have an issue with another member.

ALL sale and trade posts MUST have a properly updated timestamp.
Your Initials and the date (including year) must be present for the timestamp to be valid.

*Breaking of these rules will first result in a warning, second followed by a 2-week ban with the possibility of re-entering, with the third being a permanent ban and all future purchases being refunded immediately.

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