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We work with artist to recreate their artwork into soft enamel pins and hopefully more in the future💜

Jul 16, 2021
Shinobi JellyFish


1. Be kind to everyone. This group is a place for everyone to feel welcome and for everyone to feel like they are part of a family. The fastest way to have a problem in this group is to be mean or disrespectful to your fellow members. Failure to follow this rule can result in you being removed from the group and banned from future merchandise releases.

2. All for sale boards should be a majority (over 50%) IPR pins or they risk being taken down and they must also include a price for all pins you are selling (no silent auctions). Failure to follow either part of this rule can result in your post being removed.

3. All trade posts must have a time stamped picture and if your trade post does not have any IPR pins on it then make sure to list in your post that you are ISO IPR pins (and preferably the pins you are ISO). Failure to follow either part of this rule could result in your post being removed.

4. For all giveaways or “special price” posts made by any admins you must live in the U.S. or be willing to cover all costs associated with international shipping. This rule also applies to any giveaway we or our admins may host outside of this group as well.

5. The standard method of payment assumed within this group is PayPal as goods and services; any other payment form should be agreed upon by both parties prior to their transaction. Sellers must also list their price including G&S fees, sellers can not write “include G&S” or your post may be removed. If the seller wants payment in something other than PayPal as goods and services they must make that clear in their sales post.*

*Buyers please note that anyone requesting payment other than PayPal as goods and services may be a red flag (but also could just be a sign of an issue with their Paypal), we recommend you treat any transaction of this nature with caution and proceed only if you truly trust the person.

6. Pins can only be sold for drop + ships (or less) for the first 30 days after they are released, trades are allowed at any time (as long as the pin is in hand).*

*To clarify this rule, it states “the first 30 days AFTER they are released” this means that day one starts the day AFTER the pin is released, this also means they can NOT be sold above drop on day 30. You must wait until the 31st day before you can sell above drop. To put this rule simply, you start counting the day after the drop and you must count a total of 31 days before you can try and sell a pin above drop + shipping price.

Please also note that for the purpose of this rule “released” date is considered the first day of the main drop. In the case of any pre-sales this would be the first day the pre-sale is available, in the case of in person releases this would be the date the pin is dropped in person. If you have questions about this rule please ask for clarification.

7. You may only sell or trade a pin that is in hand, you may not sell or trade pre-sales that are still in production nor can you take offers on pins that are still in the mail.

8. Auctions are not allowed, there are other groups you can do that.

9. Waffles, dibs trains, sequential dibs boards and all other forms of ‘sales’ posts besides normal for sale boards with listed prices are only allowed with admin approval and approval of these posts will be rare (AKA you should have reason for asking and wanting to create one of these type posts).

10. There is never a reason to comment on the listed price of a pin unless that person has specifically asked for input on the pricing, if you think the price is too high then simply move on past the listing. (To us this falls under the old saying of “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” and these comments almost always cause arguments. If a pin is priced too high it simply will not sell and the seller can adjust their price accordingly.)

11. All sales in this group are final, backing out of a sale after someone has called ‘dibs’ or backing out of purchasing after you have called ‘dibs’ can and will have consequences in this group. Repeats of this behavior may even result in a ban from the group and from future merchandise releases.

12. Do not ‘snake’ posts from other people/thread jack, this is rude and definitely not in the spirit of this group and community. If you see an offer on someone else's post that you really want to take, make it clear that you only want to take the trade if the ORIGINAL poster chooses to pass on the trade. If you see someone make an ISO post for a design you like don’t hop on and say “I am ISO too” make your own ISO post with your own trade board.

13. Do not make call out posts. If you are having issues with a group member please reach out to an admin immediately and we will address it, we take this stuff very seriously and always resolve issues. If a ‘call out’ post is necessary to help alert the community of a certain member's actions and protect people we will make the post. This helps keep the group running smoothly and ensures that important information reaches everyone quickly since our posts get more reach than general members posts.

14. If a drop has any form of purchase limit that purchase limit is per person, not per household. Multiple people in the same household can score a drop but they must be going to different people, if you are ever caught having other people purchase you additional pins to get around any purchase limits you will be banned from the group and barred from future merchandise release. If you have questions about these rules please ask an admin for clarification, this is not a rule that you want to break and ask for forgiveness later, it is a rule you must follow properly at all times and clarify if you are concerned.

15. Have fun and make new friends! This may sound silly but it is the real reason we are all here, pinning is more fun with friends and you would be amazed at how much better the community becomes when you put yourself out there and make new friends in the group.

16. Know that you are loved and welcomed here, if anyone ever makes you feel otherwise please let an admin know immediately. Life is hard enough already and this group should be a little respite for all and we work hard to make it a place where anyone can feel comfortable.

**Please note that breaking of any of these rules will have consequences and the exact consequences can and most likely will vary based on the situation. We understand that life is complicated and try to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they mean well, we only use banning from the group in the most extreme cases and when absolutely necessary.**

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