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Conjuring Creations Collection

First of all Welcome everyone ❤

Conjuring Creations is dedicated to bringing you the utmost stunning wearable and desirable art from artists all around the world.

You can see our online shop @

Any issues, concerns, general inquiries or if you would like to join the team don't hesitate to get a hold of us. We strive to always provide the best experience.

Instagram -

Dec 18, 2021
Dimensional Isometric Fox
Jun 18, 2021
Light In The Dark

First rule is have fun and be kind while doing it! 💖

PLEASE be respectful to one another, we are here for fun and enjoy art not drama. Llamas > Drama

Conjuring Creations Collection is a collective of many artists.

Feel free to post / talk about almost anything in group (Esp food or animal related), but nothing too controversial please. We are here to have fun, enjoy art and spark conversation, be respectful in doing so.

Please don't spam the group with the same post every few hours / every day.

18+ YO, no minors please.

Please dont sell, post or advertise anything other than Conjuring Creations pins / art in group unless trading. All other pins should be directed to and sold in Pin resale groups like Pin Nation, etc, again trading is always okay. :)

If you're posting a for sale post or a trade post please ALWAYS include a updated time stamp, this helps protect buyer and seller and is generally the main way to go about business.

We do have a 30 day rule. So no selling of any new drops for more than drop + shipping until 30 days is up. (That doesn't mean flip on day 31 but it is your right to do so)

All sales on website are final, please be thoughtful when typing your information and continuing through the multiple check out screens. Make sure when placing a order you put the correct address!

Please no waffles.

Auctions must be approved through me or a admin before being posted.
No unofficial CCC mod auctions in the group, feel free to mod your pins and make a asking price in group but please do not auction them in CC group unless they are official mods commissioned and approved by us.

Please dont post a taking offers sales post, this avoids silent auctions.
Please list your price or trading ISO!

Please keep all trades public, this helps the general public stay informed about what moves what and also helps in being less sketchy. ;)

Any shipping issues or any general issues or inquiries please get ahold of me directly immediately. I will promptly answer and questions or handle anything you may be concerned about.

Thank you fam ❤

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