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Common Pin Terminology

AP - Artist Proof - An unnumbered pin outside of the released production.
BB - Blind Bag - When the variant received from a drop is randomized among the listed variants
BIN - Buy It Now - The price generally listed to buy an item right away
Bump - A generalized comment made to push a post back to the top of a chronologically ordered timeline
Bumo - Bump but fancier
Cross Posted / X-Posted - Posted in multiple groups to get the maximum amount of exposure
D+S / D+S+S - Drop + Ship / Drop + Ship + Ship - The price of the item purchased, plus shipping to the customer
DB - Drop Buddy - A person who tries to purchase a drop for another.
Dibs - A promise and request to purchase an item, generally binding by community standards.
Drop - The term used for when a production becomes released for purchase
DT - Drop token - Used to claim an item before it drops
Drip - The term used for when a small portion of a production is released for purchase
Flipping - The act of buying pins and selling them for inflated prices when demand is high. Generally discouraged and disliked among the community, especially if done excessively.

Flipper - Somebody who flips
FnF - Friends and Family - A transfer option used by PayPal that skips fees and is intended for personal and non commercial use. Not a suggested method of payment.
FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
GnS - Goods and Services - A safe and protected transfer option used by PayPal intended for purchasing goods or services. Recommended for buying items.
GV - Gift Variant - A variant of a pin design that is given away in games, drops, and other methods. Its intention is to be kept or regifted.
Ink - 1. An original drawn work of art, generally made with pen or marker. 2. A variant of a pin that is two toned, most often black and white, sometimes red as well.
ISO - In Search Of. DISO may also be used (Desperately In Search Of)
LE - Limited Edition - The set numbered amount of a given item, generally with sequential numbering to indicate its limited nature.
Mod - The process of stripping a pin down to its skeleton and re applying coating or enamel to create a new and unique variant / finished product
NFS / NFT - Not For Sale / Not For Trade
OBO - Or Best Offer
OE - Open Edition - Indication that an item is readily available, not limited, and reprinted for an extended time
OG - Original - 1. The original variant of a pin production, generally the highest LE 2. The original work of art made by an artist, usually a painting or drawing
OP - Original Poster
SS - screenshot
SV - secret variant
Salt - The term used for a feeling of general dissatisfaction
Slap - sticker
TS - Timestamp - Written proof of name and date included inside a photo of an item intended for sale or trade. Meant to show proof of current ownership of item.
Variant - different color schemes of the pin. They can be defined by name, LE, or color scheme.
Waffle / Breakfast / Syrup - A term used to refer to r/affle/s, used to avoid Facebook cracking down due to being against their policies.


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