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Karoo Mystic Limited Presale (9/12-9/17)

Drop Reminders 


Prism Art Collective

Drop Time: 

9/12/22, 10:00 PM

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Daniël Hugo

Presale will go live at 5pm CST on Monday 9/12 and will close at 5pm CST on Saturday 9/17.

This will be a choose your own variant limited presale, with hidden LE caps. Meaning you won’t know what the LEs will be- so go with your heart and choose the variants you love the most! 💜

🔥Every pin purchased will get you an entry to win the GV AND/OR a special 1/1 specifically set aside to be gifted out as a thank you for your support of this presale! 🔥
~~~4" wide, quad posted, glow/glitter/epoxy~~~