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Drop Time: 

12/11/21, 12:00 AM

Drop Times and Reminders Automatically adjust in YOUR Time Zone :)



The Holiday Packages will include:
A belly-shaped enamel mug featuring the Massif design, hand made by Polish company Emalco, makers of the some of the best enamelware in the world for over 100 years. These mugs are incredibly high quality and should last a very long time. They feature 5 colors, and printing on the bottom, sides, and inside!
Mrs. Rutherford’s famous pumpkin cookies
One Blind-Bagged Massif limited-edition enamel pin
A story written by Rutherford,
A hand written thank-you note
All wrapped-up in a special Holiday presentation!
We’ll have about 100 holiday packages available this year at $75 for a package with one mug, $105 with a pair of mugs, $130 with 3 mugs, and $155 with four mugs + Priority Mail shipping (around $9-$13 since these are heavier). Due to the large amount of time the cookies take to bake, prepare, and package, we’ll only be offering them with the package.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The mugs are still on their way from Poland. They will hopefully be arriving by the beginning of next week so we can get them shipped out asap. Kayla and I are currently in Kansas and close to a major post office, hopefully this will speed up shipping this year. HOWEVER - with the unpredictability of shipping during the holidays, there is a chance some may not arrive by December 25th.
Massif describes a compact group of mountains, especially one that is separate from other mountains- I felt this described this piece quite perfectly. I pictured an immense landmass filled with possibility, and yet separate, making not only the mountains themselves a formidable challenge, but even reaching this place a remarkable journey on its own! Mountains are oddly comforting and intimidating all at once. These enormous, mysterious upheavals of the earth are constantly changing, and offer such incredible natural beauty year round. So much of life starts in these high peaks, with their high altitudes encouraging snow and rain, which flow down their mountain streams to the rivers and lakes which provide water to all us living things. It’s also fascinating to think of the geological events that formed them, with enormous tectonic plates crashing together to form something that may have seemed incredibly destructive at first, but now offers so much life and beauty to our world.
Limited Editions:
Cascade: Edition 150, Features Anodized Rainbow metal with partial white glow and glitter
Cordillera: Edition of 125, Features Satin Copper metal with partial white glow and glitter
Tawny: Edition of 75, Features Antique copper metal and partial red glow
Elysium: Edition of 30, Features partial glitter and white glow
Each pin has an embossed back pattern, laser etched variant names and edition number, and enamel fill in the description of the piece
Size: 2.5” Tall with four posts
So here’s what will be available on Friday, December 10th at 5PM Mountain Time,
Holiday Package with 1 mug $75 + Priority Mail shipping
Holiday Package with 2 mugs $105 + Priority Mail shipping
Holiday Package with 3 mugs $130 + Priority Mail shipping
Holiday Package with 4 mugs $155 + Priority Mail shipping
Massif Limited Edition Pin $30 + First Class Shipping

ONE purchase per person for the first ten minutes after drop! After that, if multiples are ordered, shipping will be adjusted or refunded.



















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