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The Sunflower Syndicate V2 Logo (PRE-ORDER 4/19-4/26)

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Prism Art Collective

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4/26/22, 5:00 PM

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Carissa Rolland (Rissilient Art)

$25 + shipping
This will be an unlocking style Рṙḕṣӓłḗ. Meaning there will be 4 variants that will be immediately part of the BB pool, and once enough of those are ṗǜṛƈħằşеḓ, we will begin unlocking further variants every 20 ṗǜṛƈħằşеs after that.
All LEs will be determined at the end of the ṗǜṛƈħằşе time frame. And no matter when you ṗǜṛƈħằşе your BB, all unlocked variants will be in the BB pool!!
The first 4 variants in the pool are listed below:

OG- Copper base - colored by Jalen Ginn
Gray-inbow- Rainbow Anodized base- colored by Jalen
Ethereal- Blue Anodized base- colored by Tina Post
Kaleidoscope- Copper base- colored by Tina