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Life After Death (Pre-Order)

Drop Reminders 


Drop Time: 

1/7/22, 11:00 PM

Drop Times and Reminders Automatically adjust in YOUR Time Zone :)


Carissa Rolland (Rissilient Art)

There are 8 variants total, excluding the Fam and Gift Variants.
Size/Details: 3” Tall, intricate cutouts, multi glow, glitter, epoxy, over 10+colors per variant! The works!

There will only be 77 pins available at drop.
Only 3 sets being released, that leaves only 53 singles available!
Sets include all 8 variants, which guarantees the secret variant!
***3 Gift Variants will be released in preorders
Pins will be released at a discounted, presale rate.
Presale Blind Bag Price: $40 shipped each
Presale Set Price:$320 priority shipped
🍄 Limit 1 Set per person; no limits on singles!
If there are multiple orders, they will be combined.
Note: Please do not cart additional items! They will not ship until the presale ships. (Let’s just avoid this)
There will be Secret Variant that will not be revealed until they’re in your hands!





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