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My Art Shipper

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8/27/21, 2:00 AM

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After a few months in production we finally got the Incedigris T-O-T design in hand! They’re beautiful with a lot of variants, and all of the variants have the full white glow and most with glitter as well.
We went through and inspected the whole batch individually. It seems that about half of these had some slight scratching on the base metal of the dyed enamels.
These are large beautiful pins and the flaws are fairly minimal. So Incedigris and I decided to release them all at a discounted “B-stock” price - all together in one drop. Our original planned price was $45, but we’re going to drop the price to $30 due to the slight imperfections on a lot of the pins.
Drop will be all online 1per person for the first 60 minutes. After that you can go for a second BB that will ship separately.
These pins are quite large and have some weight to them, so we won’t combine orders and risk potential damages in shipping to you guys.
I know this isn’t ideal, but we’re all excited for this design and want to get them in your hands sooner rather than later… and offer them up at a great price.
Details about the flaws:
- The flaws are light scratching randomly in a few of the tight tiny lines.
- -Pictures of the scratching for transparency added at the very end.
-- the glow/epoxy/glitter didn't seem to be affected at all.
Drop details:
Today at 9:00pm CST, 1pp first 60mins after that can grab one more BB. Ships Separately due to size and weight. Text will be sent out soon*
Price: $30+$4shipping
Size 4" tall x 2.75" wide
12 variants
Le 85/85/65/65/45/45/25/25/15/15/5/5
We also made raws and will be added/shipped separately to random orders, gold,black,ano,white. So some will receive a second BB with a free raw in it.





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