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**IN PERSON DROP - ReKinection Festival 2022 **

Where: at the ROCKET SHIP (Launchpad art collective in the field near the main stage)

Price: $25 each BIND BAGGED
What: these lil chonkers are just 2 inch tall and a little over 2 in wide. There is a special LE 10 gift variant that has yet to be revealed. A few will be packaged in with random blind bags!!!!
OG: LE40- black nickel, epoxy, white glow
OASIS: LE35- gold metal, epoxy, white glow
GLACIAL: LE30- silver metal, epoxy, opal glitter, white glow
SAHARA: LE25- antique copper metal, epoxy, white glow
MOON: LE20- white painted metal, opal glitter, epoxy, white glow
TWILIGHT: LE15- rose gold metal, epoxy, white glow
RAIN: LE10- ??????????