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Pepper Inquisitor

Price: $35 each + shipping
Blind Bagged
Limit 1 per person each design for the first 10 minutes

POOKSTER PALACE SHOP - https://pookster-palace.myshopify.com/

Blind Bag Variants
LE 100 - Level 1
LE 60 - Level 5
LE 40 - Level 10

Gift Variant
LE 20 - Level 20


Half of the LE 20 gift variants of each design will be randomly added as BONUS gifts into orders of their corresponding designs. The other half (10 of each) will be given away through games and events in the Pooky Playground Facebook Group.

A Game Schedule will be created and posted in the Pooky Playground when we have organized our events. The post will be pinned to the announcement section for easy reference. Make sure to check there tomorrow (Wednesday 9/14) for an updated schedule of when games will be hosted.