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PRICE: $25 for singles, $125 for 5 pin sets
1.5 inches tall - double posted
Singles are blind bagged. Please limit your purchase to 3 singles or 1 set for the first half hour. After the first half hour, there is no purchase limit. First three in any one order are guaranteed not to be duplicate.
Sets are 5 pins and do not include one secret variant dropping next month. This change is because one variant was made incorrectly and I did not want to release it as it was. It’s being replaced now.
🍜 LE 40 OG: Epoxy, partial glitter, screen print mountain pattern
🍜LE 35 Hangover Cure: Epoxy, glitter everywhere, dyed metal, swirl screen print pattern
🍜LE 25 Hot Lovin': Epoxy, glitter everywhere, screen print heart pattern
🍜LE 12 Jasmine: Epoxy, dyed metal