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Grandma's Ghost

Purchase options will be:
Blind bag single Eidolon - 35 shipping including
Blind bag single Grandma - 25 shipping included
Pair of Blind Bag Grandma’s Ghost and Eidolon- 55 shipping included
One of each design per person for the first 10 minutes. After that, you can order as many as you like
Eidolon size: 2.5” tall
Grandma’s Ghost size: 2” tall
Eidolon variants:
Phantom- LE 175, Rainbow Metal will partial white glow
Pharos - LE 125, Antique Copper Metal with partial white glow
Pneuma - LE 75, Satin Blue (New Metal treatment!!) with partial blue and white glow
Flare - LE 30 with partial raw, with red and white glow, full glitter.
Grandma’s Ghost Variants;
Antique Copper- LE 175 with white glow and epoxy - (Better photo on the way, this variant had to be remade and is arriving Thursday)
Rainbow Metal- LE 100 with glitter, white glow and epoxy
Satin Copper- LE 30 with glitter, white glow, and epoxy