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Astro Frog

-LE60 “Martian” variant white metal full glow.
-LE50 “Interstellar” variant ano metal glow and glitter.
-LE40 “Javi Astra” variant antique copper metal glow and glitter.
-LE35 “Solaris” variant gold metal variant glow and glitter.
-LE30 “Gravity” variant ano metal glitter.
-LE20 “Armageddon” variant green metal glitter.
‼️🐸🪐👩‍🚀SET EXCLUSIVE🐸🪐👩‍🚀‼️
2” tall
triple posted.
Sets available $160 + shipping.
🚨🐸Set includes 6 variants + 1 raw pin 🚨🐸🪐
Only 1 set per person. If you purchase a set you can’t buy individuals for the first 30 minutes.
Individuals will be Blind Bags $28 + shipping.
5 blind bags max

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