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Passage of Time


This Sonic Bloom Meetup we will have roughly 150 hatpin bundles, they will sell as a 3/$100 deal. The drop will be Cash only, at a Car Camping spot as a popup meetup.
We will post pics/location info Wednesday during early arrival. The MAS Drop will be opening day Thursday at 5PM, once again CASH only. One 3-pin bundle per person, no splitting. Selling all three designs in one bundle will help speed things up, and let everyone get back to enjoying the festival.
Austen Zaleski: Mini Cortex
T.Wei: Scamp
Whump: Passage of Time
When: Thursday @ 5pm until it sells out. Once all the bundles are sold that is it.
Where: TBD, but somewhere in the Car Camping area.
Price: Only one option and it will be a 3/$100 Hatpin Bundle CASH ONLY.
Special notes:
Mini Cortex Design Disclaimer: You may notice these look slightly differently then most of our normal pins. After a couple production attempts, we added epoxy to the back side of the design to remove the scratching that was caused in the production process. We didn't feel comfortable selling as is but after countless hours we finally can release a high quality pin to our customers. We hope you love the pins and enjoy the festival.
Leftover information:
We plan to list any 3/$100 bundles remaining as a leftover drop.Followed by the T.Wei Scamp individual bbs on Monday night 6-20-22. ( Information for the online portion will be texted out when it's ready)
The Whump and AZ design will only be included in the 3/$100 bundle’s.The remaining AZ mini cortex need more time and energy to completed. But will be released at a later time.