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💰 How much:
- $40 shipped
- (international orders will incur an additional $20 shipping charge due to shipping rates - excluding Canada. EU customers are sadly excluded from catching the drop due to new tax laws. 😞)
‼️ 1 per person purchase limit. Only ONE purchase per person, no exceptions. If Nishiki does not sell out after the first hour, you may grab a second pin. ‼️
🎁 FINALLY!!! The awaited 4K members giveaway! Scroll to the bottom of the post for a prize list & instructions to enter. 🙂
3.75” tall
Triple posted
INKD backstamp
LE90 “OG Nishiki”
LE75 “Black Pearl”
LE45 “Yang”
LE30 “Yin”
LE25 “Amethyst” colored by Richie Amarante
LE15 “Crayola” colored by Richie Amarante
LE10 “Rainbow Fish” colored by Richie Amarante
✨ Each variant has its own set of unique effects such as glitter, glow, UV, etc.
🎁 The LE10 “Rainbow Fish” variant is a gift variant from us to you! These pins will be included as an additional treat in a select number of random purchases.
***this will be a site lock drop! The website will automatically unlock at drop time, so just refresh until the clock strikes the hour.***