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Ornate X Wing (PRE-ORDER)

Pre order is coming 4th May 6pm est 11pm uk time - please note this is a pre order only a limited amount of pins will be available until the final drop. These are already in production but please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery

Whats available - sets all 5 full colour pins plus 2 raws this includes the secret variant

Blind bags - any variant excluding the og

Single og variant available

Og variant le 49 full glitter
Secret variant le 5 full glow
Rebel variant le 20 full glow
Republic variant le 20 full glow
Recovery variant le 12 full glitter

All pins 3 inch with 3 post and rubber clutches
Lazer numbered backing
Custom back stamp
Display on a heavyweight rainbow foil backing card wax stamped.

Free stickers and gift with pre orders

These will be 1 pp for the first 40 minutes to keep the pre order operln and fair, please note you can order the og variant +another option

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