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Drop Details for Igneus
When: Friday September 3rd at 4PM Mountain Time (3PM Pacific, 5PM Central, 6PM Eastern)
How: Blind-bagged. One per person for the first 10 minutes after drop. If there are some left after 10 minutes, you can order as many you like.
Price: $33 shipping included
Where: www.shoprutherfordart.com
Size: 2.5” wide
Back features custom pattern embossing and enamel filled accents
Mica - LE 175 with antique copper metal and partial white glow
Lapis - LE 100 with anodized blue metal
Fiji - LE 75 with satin rainbow anodized metal (NEW metal treatment!) and partial blue glow
Oolith - LE 30 with antique gold metal and partial white glow