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Star Harvester

2.75” tall
Three back posts
Glow-in-the-dark back stamp
6 variants (singles are PICK YOUR VARIANT)
- Star Harvester (Jesse James OG): LE25, black metal, glitter, full glow, epoxy
- Orbiter: LE25, black metal, grayscale, glitter, full glow, epoxy
- Arcturus: LE25, antique gold metal, black and reds, rainbow glitter, full red glow, epoxy
- Aurora: LE25, blue anodized metal, glitter, full glow, epoxy
- Pulsar: LE25, rainbow anodized metal, glitter, full glow, epoxy
- Progenitor: LE15, antique copper “raw”.
All pins will come with one of two 5x7 “Star Harvester” screen print variants. * Should a customer buy more than one pin, a reasonable effort will be made to include both variants, but it is limited to stock on hand *
Sets will include both screen prints and a Nimbus Ticket
Extra screen prints will be available in store and selectable by variant
Sets: 💲170, includes both screen print variants and 1 Nimbus Ticket
Singles, EXCLUDING AURORA (blue ano variant): 💲35, includes one screen print. Reasonable effort will be made to ensure anyone who purchases multiples receives both variants - I’ll have two piles going.
Aurora (blue ano variant): 💲25 - still includes screen print, of course. Explanation for price reduction below
Screen Prints: leftover stock, 💲5 + s/h
Double-sided LE100 Star Harvester blotter art prints: 💲20 + s/h