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1. Are Olympics, Disney, and Hard Rock pins catalogued on ISOPinfo?

Olympics, Disney, and Hard Rock pins are welcome to be uploaded.

2. Are anime, cartoon, and other existing fan made/unofficial pins allowed on ISOPinfo?

Yes. Please upload at your discretion.

3. Are lewd pins allowed on ISOPinfo?

Nude pins are allowed on the catalog, however we do not allow pins of pornographic/naked kinked nature to be uploaded.




1. How do I upload multiple pins at a time?

To upload multiple pins at once, we recommend downloading and filling this spreadsheet. Please follow the instructions as listed.

2. Do Pin Drop prices include shipping?

Pin drop prices are listed as described by each individual creator and may or may not include shipping cost. Some creators will put, for example, $25 + shipping on the drop info, so the display drop price will show as $25. Other creators may put $40 shipped in the drop info, therefore it will be displayed as $40.

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